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Community Colleges can save you money!

Community colleges are starting to become a more important feature in the college affordability landscape, by teaming up with their state’s large public universities. I found out that rules have been made that allow for standardization of course requirements! Why did this happen? Public pressure. What else would make our elected officials take notice? Apparently, after making these new rules, naming them became a problem. Legislators had run out of really cool names for the new rules. So, after much deliberation and late night meetings, a secret code name for the legislation was seized upon, in an effort to make things perfectly clear to constituents everywhere! Watch my latest video to find out how to de-code and use this information to your greatest benefit.

Low Carb Quesadillas!

Low Carb Quesadillas dressed up with chicken, broccoli, fresh tomatoes, pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese were the hit of the evening for my daughter and her boyfriend, both going off to college in a month. Little did they care, or even realize that these treats were low carb, as they liberally sprinkled the tasty quarter-rounds with hot pepper flakes. It was no surprise to me when they simultaneously got the idea to go get ice cream. Yes, I’d want ice cream too, if my tongue was on fire! So off they went, living the last remaining nights of summer freedom before the onset of intellectual challenges from two of the most vaunted institutes of higher learning our country has to offer. We shall watch and report.

In the meantime, after you finish your low carb quesadillas, please watch my latest video, which is in the post just before this one.  If your family is worried about paying for college,  don’t hesitate to look at schools which offer well-developed co-op programs. If your student gets involved with one of these programs, he/she will earn money while going to school half the year and working the other half of the year. There is also a better-than-even chance of getting employed by  the co-op employer!

Low Carb because I used low carb burrito wraps!
Yummy and infinitely variable!

College Co-op Programs Work!

College co-op programs have been around for nearly 100 years, originating (and still operating) at the University of Cincinnati. In this video, I talk about why co-op programs are valuable for students, colleges AND businesses. I also discuss why this program of alternating sessions of study and work might be a bit of a challenge for young people, even though the perks are substantial.

Roasted Butternut Squash! Perfect for a Rainy Day.

Roasted Butternut Squash makes everything better!

I’ll explain the picture of roasted butternut squash in a minute. But it has to do with this being NOT an unusual day. Every day that I am scheduled to shoot a College Money Mom video, there are three or four problems that crop up…just when I have gotten my hair to behave and my make-up is not yet a hot mess!
So I’ve almost come to look forward to the unique little problems each and every time…precious little problems like the dog didn’t get walked in time and left a form of doggie hate-mail in the middle of the foyer. Hubby tracked it around, of course. I had to clean it up. But then, I offered.

After putting myself back together, we dared to start recording. BOOM! Thunderstorms, plural, repeating every ten minutes or so. With driving rain announcing itself on the windows between the lightning and thunder, we soldiered on, recording small parts of the video whenever things died down a bit.  And then the frogs started. Ewww, Ewww, Ewww! They actually sounded like birds shouting their disapproval of the terrible weather.  But even the frogs had a predictable pattern, making it possible to sneak a little recording into the margins of nature’s scheduled events that we can never control.

Food distracts one from the problems of the day,  so it was imperative to bake something warm and yummy and low carb, of course! Having a butternut squash on the counter provided the raw material for my spicy roasted butternut squash. Peel, cut up, toss in a foil-lined baking pan with olive oil and a dusting of Tony Chachere’s or Emeril’s (best for this dish) and bake at 350 until tender.


Your Student Loan Servicer…Stay in Touch!

Student Loan Servicers have the power to keep you out of trouble!

Seems like the payments on your college loans will never end, right?  Well, they will someday, due in no small part to your diligent efforts to stay in touch with your federal student loan servicer.  At least that’s what I hope you do, or what I hope you would tell your college-bound child to do! Check out my latest rant video on this issue !