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Preferential Packaging! Financial Aid!


Preferential Packaging Matches Financial Aid to Your Child’s Achievements!

It’s simple. Just research which schools would want to snap up your student and offer big bucks for those high or comparatively high ACT/SAT test scores. That’s preferential packaging and your student might as well get some of that financial aid dough for their efforts. My fellow blogger and data wizard Michelle Kretzschmar – – helps us understand the practice of preferential packaging and suggests parents use it to good advantage. After getting all the dreamy, idealistic pamphlets from colleges that proclaim their undying love and dedication to selfless goals of academic achievement, it’s hard to square that with the harsh reality: colleges need to climb the rankings ladders. U.S. News, Princeton Review and Forbes are part of a system that is rigged in many ways. Preferential packaging is just part of the effort by colleges to game the system. The trick for parents is to find out which schools value their child’s achievements and steer away from schools that don’t.

Your Student Loan Servicer

Meet your new BFF…forever and ever and ever….

Seems like the payments on your college loans will never end, right? Well they will someday, due in no small part to your diligent efforts to stay in touch with your federal student loan servicer. At least that’s what I hope you do, or what I hope you would tell your college-bound child to do! Check out my latest rant (I mean video) on this issue !

Become a For-Profit College Detective!

If you wanna go, you gotta know! Don’t get ripped off in the pursuit of a degree.

Thank goodness for IPEDS, the data bank of collegiate information that was created by congress some years ago. All schools have to report certain categories of information every year to this slow-moving federal behemoth (it’s about 3 years behind, but who’s counting!) Without IPEDS and a Department of Education website called College Navigator this information would not be very accessible for the public. In my video this week, I show how to use this information to detect whether an online for-profit college is doing a good job or not before a potential student makes the decision to attend it. We are in a major shake-up of the for-profit college industry (and believe me it IS an industry) and with some luck only the righteous will survive. Some of the biggest BIGS are going down in flames even as I write. Ha HA! We shall see. Meanwhile, let the buyer beware!