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The College Money Mom – Battling the Lack of College Financial Aid Info!

I’m the Mom of a college student and as she and I were looking at colleges, I had a tough time getting enough good information about the financial aid process. I eventually ran across some good resources, but I was surprised at how hard I had to dig for them. I was also so busy at the time that it was difficult to sort things out, even when I did have the information.
I thought to myself, how nice it would have been to have a guide, someone to highlight the important things and tell me WHY they were important. When I finally got a grip on the whole financial aid issue it was almost too late, but miraculously we did a decent job with all the forms and calculations. We got our daughter into a good school that is exactly right for her abilities and interests, and it did not kill us financially. We got the aid we had predicted thanks to the information gleaned from so many helpful resources. These resources ran the gamut from blogs to YouTube videos, to books and newspaper articles. I must give thanks to Google for their search engine, because I just about wore it out!
Just recently, my husband remarked that it seemed a shame to waste all this good information. I thought about that and decided he was right. We talked about how we could use our abilities to present this huge amount of collected college financial aid info in an interesting and helpful way. Since we both have backgrounds in TV news, we decided to go with the YouTube format, supported by Facebook and this WordPress blog/website. So, you will find me on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0erHrUUtaE13bx8acUsABQ
and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheCollegeMoneyMom.
Please email me at TheCollegeMoneyMom@gmail.com with any comments and questions.