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The Private Scholarship Game!

Why is the Private Scholarship Game like Professional Ice Hockey?

I guess if we were to equate this business of private scholarships to big-time sports, we would have to use hockey as the comparison. Yes, the players have to struggle mightily for each score. Yes, the scores are few and far between. Yes, the rules can seem arcane and randomly enforced. And yes, one false move can ruin a player’s chances for months to come. At least the private scholarship game doesn’t cause the player to lose his or her teeth! Mostly…

So, here is my attempt to explain why you have to be alert to the rules each college may apply to the money your student may win, and how to score even when the odds are seldom in your favor.

Are Private Scholarships Worth your Time?

Should I try for private scholarships? Well, yes and no.

Like with any goal, it may take a big effort to achieve a small reward. On the other hand going after private scholarships could pay off BIGTIME! Today’s video takes a look at the odds of winning. I also name some of the best private scholarship search engines and some of the special criteria demanded by many of the scholarship organizations.