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New Student ID cards – Chips Ahoy!

If your student is just entering his or her freshman year of college, there is a lot of new information to absorb. It’s enough to give you a headache that even Aleve will not help! One of the first pictures your student will post on Facebook is a shot of his or her brand new Student ID card. If your student is attending one of the 40% of colleges now participating in the “One Card” program, this will not look at all like your old student ID card that now lives in a scrapbook under your staircase. This new-fangled card has a hologram headshot of your student, some barcode, a subway logo (not the sandwich shop), a clever logo intertwined with a dollar bill sign, an Obamacare logo, the school’s logo and name, the fuzzy yet buff mascot, AND LO AND BEHOLD – a tiny MASTERCARD Debit Card chip!
What is up with this? (Watch my video!) But suffice it to say that the banks have gotten in bed with the colleges and universities. And it’s a mighty comfy bed indeed. It’s even okay for your student to participate in fluffing up the pillows, if, IF, he or she knows the rules.
Knowing the rules gets your student a completely free bank account for the duration of college. This includes a free debit card and free checking account. What’s not to like? However, there are some complaints which I talk about in my video, so please watch it.