How to graduate on time.

Play “Graduate On Time”. It’s like a giant board game. Losing is costly, very costly.

Here’s how to catapult your high school senior into the future when he can barely think about next week: Talk about the “Graduate On Time” game and it’s rules. It’ll be particularly riveting when you show him how much money an extra year in college will cost your family. Then there’s the potential 5 figure salary that he, personally, might lose each year. Whoa!

Watch my latest video about graduating on time. Don’t worry, there are only 6 rules!

In the video, the part about making a chart is very important. Several of the top-rated private non-profit universities have installed charts in their advising system websites. Students can use these charts to design their paths to graduation with the help of their advisors.

The chart used by the majority of MIT students caught my eye. It’s called Courseroad and it was designed by current senior (’15) Danny Ben-David

MIT's Courseroad Designer
Danny Ben-David, designer of MIT’s Courseroad App.

when he was a freshman. Danny saw a flyer for a contest and designed the Courseroad app as his entry. When he won the icampus prize, MIT’s administration gave him some monetary incentive to finish the app over the summer. Danny’s Courseroad app has become quite popular on campus even with no advertising other than word-of -mouth. Danny says he may open-source Courseroad in the near future to encourage developers at other universities to design their own. One big advantage for Danny in developing Courseroad was MIT’s unique course numbering system. For instance, math is Course 18, not math. All math courses start with 18 followed by a decimal point and one, two, or three places. Differential Equations is 18.03 for example.
Danny included a Courseroad example, shown here,

Danny Ben-David's Courseroad example
Danny used one of his own Courseroad scenarios as an example.

based on his own academic path in a guest blog-post he wrote for the MIT admissions blog. Here a link Danny’s post.

Getting a major is the other big deal. Without a major, a student can’t even start to fill out a chart or Courseroad or Flightpath or any of the other apps designed to organize one’s academic career.

Complete College America, a well-funded organization that advocates for students to graduate on time, recommends that colleges require incoming freshmen to make a choice. The students would choose one of 7 “Meta-Majors” including STEM, Health Services, Business, Social Sciences, Humanities, Education and Arts.

Meta-majors is a concept advocated by Complete College America.

The idea is that as the student progresses along a well-defined path, he or she would be able (with the help of advisors) to narrow the scope of the meta-major. For example, a meta-major of education might be narrowed to a major in elementary education. Course choices would become ever more limited as graduation time nears, and staying on track would be facilitated by a process called “Intrusive Advising”.

We shall watch and report.

How to graduate on time.
Help your child graduate on time.

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